Monday, April 07, 2008

Why, yes, we DO homeschool...

Just a little tidbit from the homeschool trenches:

Me (to Anna): What is the opposite of fast?
Anna: SLOW is the ossopit of fast.
Me (to Anna): Yes, slow is the OOOOPPPPIIIISSSSIIITTTT of fast.
Me (to the big kids): What is another term we use for words that mean the opposite?
Em (proudly): Oh, that's easy, it's an ANTONYM.
Me (to Em): Yeah! Great Answer! So, what is the antonym of antonym?
Nate (looking up vaguely from Super Smash Brawl): You're kidding, right?
Me (curious): Nooo? Do you know the answer?
Nate (bored): DUUUUHHHH! The antonym of antonym is........


I'm still laughing 15 minutes later. P.S. I did tell him that the word is synonym, not cinnamon. He's still not speaking to me because I laughed.



Piseco said...

I've been laughing about this since last night, when I first read it, but blogger decided not to let me leave a comment!

My boy would be steaming at me too for laughing at a mistake... but it's too delightfully cute not to laugh!

Jody Pudsey said...

OMG! Leigh, that was just too cute! I love your kids!!

~Leigh said...

Thanks to both of you for your comments. I have to agree that they are just too cute for words.