Thursday, April 10, 2008

He didn't even get dizzy!

Tonight Nate was surprised with a prize basket at gymnastics for the most cartwheels or forward rolls in the boy's division during their yearly fundraiser. More than 50 in two minutes!! Dave and I had known for a few days, since Dave had a peek at the results sheet, but we managed to keep our excitement a secret.

He was so thrilled that his little smile was a mile wide. Nate's the child in our family who rarely gets recognized for outstanding achievement. He has only recently been able to blend and achieve positive results socially, especially in things like organized sports.

His prize was a huge Super-soaker type water gun, a slingshot with three balls and a roll of Shocktarts. I hope that this is the first in a long line of successes for our boy Nate.


Anonymous said...

GO, NATE! :-) We are so happy for you!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

The Lessos

Piseco said...

Yay, yay for Nate! :)