Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Very Green Giveaway- Veggietales

There are few things more inspirational than singing vegetables. Despite our shunning of traditional religion, my children have a strong love of Big Idea's Veggietales. We have the entire collection on DVD, and they've been playing regularly for many, many years. These movies probably have the longest "lifespan" of anything in our rather generous collection.

My kids love the novelty of talking produce, and the crazy music. I love the none-too-subtle wordplay and the irreverent way the introduce morality lessons.

We've ended up with a spare copy, still unopened, of Veggie Tale's Davey and the Giant Pickle.

This is our first bloggie giveaway since we switched to Blogspot. Just post a comment, including a valid email address, to enter. The contest will run through February 14th, just because that's easy for me to remember. The winner will be chosen via random number selection (courtesy of the internet).

Have fun!



Lesha said...

This is awesome! Thanks for the nice giveaway. :)

Piseco said...

Am I disallowed from entering because of my Em-and-contests mojo?

Is there a special reason you wound up with two copies of this particular title? Dave and the Giant Pickle?? Sorry, sorry, it's a family-friendly blog.

Heather said...

We've never tried a Veggie Tale movie. If your family likes it so much I'm interested. The self esteem part seems good, BUT disqualify me if it talks god in this one please!

Anonymous said...

What a great giveaway! Thanks for doing it! Oh, and Piseco says to wish you Kung Hey Fat Choi. :)