Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Kung Hey Fat Choi/Gong Si Fa Cai

May you all have a happy, prosperous and wonderful New Year.

Anybody else celebrating Chinese New Year tonight/this week? We had a wonderful New Year's Eve tonight, and my kids finally crashed after midnight which, according to tradition, means DH and I should live long lives.

Tomorrow we're eating a huge veggie feast and playing games all day. I've hidden the brooms, knives, and scissors and gotten the last of the dishes clean before putting out the disposable dinnerware. Everyone bathed and I've ironed and laid out the new clothes for morning. There are 2 dozen GORGEOUS roses on my dining room table, and a stunning orchid in our living room. Oranges, clementines, mangos, coconut, sesame balls, lychee, and candy are tucked in into their red and gold boxes on the table.

The kids went to bed happy and tired, and clutching their lai see (hong bao if you're Mandarin-speakers) in their hands. According to them, they're "richer than kings today".

Tomorrow there's no cleaning or cooking and I'll be trying to abstain from internet since I've promised myself that I'll try my best to be completely in the moment with the family during this holiday, which is the most important one of the year for most of our family. It will be good to feel almost obligated to simply enjoy time with family and not be rushing around to sweep up crumbs or wash dishes or do another load of laundry. Of course, I'll pay for that on Saturday when I have a 2 day backup of everything....but that's Saturday and today is the first day of the New Year so I'm not going to dwell on tomorrows until I've fully experienced today.

Here's a link to see the dragon:
Dragon Dance

Sweet dreams and, again, Happy New Year to all of my friends!

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