Saturday, September 22, 2007

Who Cut The Cheese?

Sorry, but I couldn't resist the impolite title opportunity.

The correct answer would be that JASON cut the cheese. He cut a 75+ pound of imported Parmigano Reggiano, specifically. Anna loves to be at Wegmans, our local grocery store, for their cheese wheel cracking ceremony. She's watched several of these big suckers get cracked, and she enjoys a little bit more each time it happens.

First the cheesemonger (or, as Anna calls him, the Cheese Mama)scored the top and sides with his hook-bladed knife.

Then he inserted almond knives into pressure points on the wheel and prepared to use leverage to crack it open.

With a lovely and satisfying crack, the wheel of deliciousness popped open.

Then we ate lovely cheese and continued on with our grocery shopping and the rest of our day.

The Parm was a lovely, creamy cheese with a melon overtone and a sharp finish. It was aged 28 months and tasted absolutely the way that a good Parmigano Reggiano should taste.

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Juju at Tales of said...

What is it about a man with cheese that turns me on? ;D