Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy 12th Blog-iversary!

This is the 12th anniversary of the day I started my first blog. Only, at that time it was called an online journal and there were just a few of us hanging around in cyberspace together. My journal was located on Geocities, and I was one of the original homesteaders in the Paris suburb. It was hand-coded in HTML and included a handful of carefully designed graphics. It was full of angsty poetry, angsty journalling, and uhhhhh....angsty angst.

Every year on this day I recommit myself to journalling/blogging. The urge to post usually lasts for a few weeks or months before I disappear into the walls again until the next blogiversary.


Edited to keep my stupidity from showing: So, yeah, for anyone who saw this BEFORE the edit, I'm well aware that 1995-2007 is 12 years and not 22 years...really, honestly, I PROMISE that I didn't really think I started using the internet 22 years ago. I AM NOT AL GORE! Did I mention that I am not best of friends with the maths?

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